The arthropods, a phylum that  includes a lot of taxa (like crustacean, arachnida, insecta and myriapoda) are considered by most people as creatures devoid of intellect, in some cases cruel and bloody.
Instead, there are many behavior, know in the higher animals, that also occur in the arthropods. I’m talking about parental care.
Parental care mean all the behavior performed by parents in order to protect their eggs and young.
In many species of arachnids the mother hold eggs in the “cocoon” (a web wrapper); this happens in the families of Lycosidae and Pisauridae. In the first family, after the hatching, the young remains on the mother's back, until they're able to survive by themselves. This behavior also occurs in scorpions.
In crustaceans the mother holds eggs under the abdomen, between the pleopods. Then the hatchlings rest with parent until their first moulting.
A similar phenomenon also occur in the insects' world: for example, the female of earwigs “Forficula auricularia” look after eggs throughout the winter, and cover the eggs with saliva in order to protect them from fungi and bacteria.  After hatching young remains with mother, that feeds and protect them.
Finally even some of species of centipedes has similar behavior, in fact, they wrap eggs until hatching.
All of this indicates that human species and many arthropods' species have something in common.