About me

Since childhood I’ve always been fascinated by nature, I started taking pictures with an analog SLR kit, then  I moved to digital in 2007.
I studied at the University of Genoa, at natural science, which allowed me to approach the world in which I was interested, and gave me the opportunity to discover new photographic subjects.
I took a Bachelor degree with a thesis entitled “Comparison of two non-lethal methods for dietary studies in terrestrial salamanders” (2011) and a Master degree with a thesis entitled “Ecological and Conservation aspect of sand Lizard (Lacerta agilis) in High Stura Valley of Demonte” (2013).
With my photos I try to communicate to the human race that nature can be beautiful and useful for us.
Until now my main subjects were amphibians, reptiles and various arthropods, animals often vilified for their physics appearance and habits.


My camera kit consists of a DSLR Nikon, many Nikon, Sigma and Tokina lenses and more photographic accessories.


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